Economic Resilience

The Economic Resilience project is a series of booklets and blog posts by ECM co-founder, Joanne Poyourow.


10 Practical Tools for a Resilient Economy

A resilient economyHow can we — the grassroots citizens — survive these tough economic times, plus what lies ahead? It’s all here: Discover how to stretch your dollar, protect your investments, build strategic alliances within your local neighborhood, and take part in the development of the new economy.  The rules of the game have all changed. Get your copy of the new “playbook” today.  (ECM publication #12)

  • 70 page ebook/pdf, Available through ECM’s Scribd page
  • 115 page spiral-bound booklet,  Available at Los Angeles area meetings of the Environmental Change-Makers


What Everyone Ought to Know about Today’s Economy

A resilient economy2Will the economy recover? Comprehensive analysis of the root causes of the economic downturn, including peak oil, climate change, and resource limitations. Reveals the fatal flaws in contemporary economic philosophy. This essential document will change your perceptions of “growth,” our economic future, and your personal direction. Understand, so that you can take action.  (ECM publication #10)

40 page ebook/pdf , available through ECM’s Scribd page


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