Westchester Community Oven

cob oven july2015The Westchester Community Oven is a community wood-fired bread and pizza oven located at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity. The Oven is open to the general public, with the support of trained OvenMasters.

The Oven was hand-built in spring/summer 2015 by nearly a hundred members of the widespread community, using adobe bricks as the base, and using cob-style building for the dome.  Architect Ben Loescher guided the building process, and sculptor Beth Ann Morrison created the artistic exterior.  Learn more about the construction of the Westchester Community Oven

As of the start of 2016, the Oven is open one Saturday per month for “Community Bake” events.  At a Community Bake, anyone can show up to try their hand at baking pizza or bread.  You simply bring your own dough/toppings at the appointed time, and volunteers will guide you with baking tips.

Dates of Community Bake events are roughly the “second Saturday” of each month.  Time of day varies from month-to-month with sundown/daylight and there are separate times for pizza temperatures versus bread baking temperatures.  Full details for Community Bake events are listed in the Environmental Change-Makers calendar of events.

Link to Environmental Change-Makers calendar of events


To RSVP to attend events:  Please follow directions within the calendar details for the specific event you are interested in.  Individuals can RSVP here for monthly “Community Bake” events. 

Oven Mailing list:  To receive notifications about ALL the Community Bake events, large baking classes, and private baking classes that take place at the oven, you can join the special Westchester Oven Community mailing list.
(note: This is maintained separately from the Environmental Change-Makers mailing list; members of the main Environmental Change-Makers mailing list will receive lower-volume emails about the oven – notices of Community Bake events and the larger baking classes only.)

Contact info:  best contact is via email to westchestercommunityoven /at/ gmail.com
For telephone contact, you can leave a voice mail on the church office number (310) 670-4777




Oven volunteers: all files are in GoogleDrive
via westchestercommunityoven /at/ gmail.com