Change-Making Projects

Environmental Change-Makers embarks on many projects, large and small, designed to help put in place the infrastructure needed for the post-petroleum era.  Projects have included group purchasing, lending libraries, political resolutions, and aspects of the new economy.

Some of these projects include:


Community Garden at Holy Nativity

A high-production food garden, this space is teaching us a different pace of life plus the tough lessons of what it takes to truly attain year-round harvests.  More about this garden


Emerson Avenue Community Garden

This one-acre garden is still under construction.  The monthly work days are the first Saturday of each month.

See the Emerson Avenue Community Garden website


Good Karma Gardens

ECM members have participated in a pay-it-forward method of getting your garden built through the cash-free economy.  Help other people build their gardens, and eventually the crew comes around to your place!  Coordinated by our sister organization, Transition Mar Vista/Venice.

See the Good Karma Gardens website


Group purchasing

From time to time, ECM coordinates group purchases.  In the past, these have included bareroot fruit trees, or rainwater harvesting barrels.  The following are currently available:

  • natural foods from Azure Standard.  Contact us to be put in touch with the Westchester coordinator.


New Economy project

ECM’s Joanne P has been investigating the new, post-peak economy for some time.  In 2011, ECM hosted a discussion group, and Joanne has published two ebooks.

Here is a listing of sharing resources available in our local area.


Otis classes

During school year 2012-2013, ECM served as community partner for classes from Otis Art Institute who were studying issues of urban agriculture and food justice.  During school year 2013-2014, ECM’s Joanne Poyourow will serve as a mentor to a class.


Outreach to Faith Communities

ECM’s Peter Rood is active in interfaith circles.  Together, the members of ECM have created many materials to support churches and temples in their efforts toward environmental and social justice.  See ECM’s page with resources for faith communities



From its earliest days, ECM has offered handouts on many “what you can do” topics.  We are now in the process republishing these online via ECM’s Scribd page.

Some of our ongoing content is being complied into a series of booklets, available via ECM’s Etsy page.


Resilience Library

ECM maintains a public lending library of books about environmental solutions and What We Can Do.  This library is accessible during any ECM meeting, Thursday garden team time, or by appointment.

See the List of titles


Seed Freedom LA

ECM is part of a coalition of seed activists and food activists who are mounting a campaign to have the City of Los Angeles declared a GMO-free zone with respect to seeds and what is grown here.

See the Seed Freedom LA website


Seeds of Hope

ECM is part of the “Seeds of Hope” program, which aims to grow food gardens on the lands of churches and temples across Southern California, particularly those in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Read a newspaper article about the Seeds of Hope program


Time banking

ECM participates in the cash-free economy through OTB (Culver City/Palms).  An established time bank, run by a separate organization, and recently expanded to include Westchester.

See the OTB website