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By our very name, the Environmental Change-Makers group is about ACTION.  From this page you can access information and tools for our latest campaigns.

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Transition Initiative  

The Environmental Change-Makers are actively cultivating implementation of the Transition concept in our Westchester neighborhood, in the greater Los Angeles area, and in Southern California.

Transition initiatives are a proactive, community-based response to the twin crises of climate change (global warming) and peak oil (the end of cheap oil). Founded by Rob Hopkins of the UK, the Transition Towns movement is now "going viral" worldwide.

Join in the action:

Fruit Trees - Group Ordering 2010    

To encourage the planting of more fruit trees in our local foodshed, this autumn the Environmental Change-Makers will be placing a group order with the  Bay Laurel catalog in Atascadero. Bay Laurel offers varieties such as low-chill Anna apples on ultra-dwarfing rootstock, genetic dwarf figs and almonds, gourmet grapevines, and much more.  This project brought 21 new fruit trees to our local neighborhood in 2008, and 27 more in 2009!

Group ordering is currently underway.  We will continue to accept participants into the group order through Sat October 16 (at which time we will close the order to assure variety selections for participants).   We must have your check in hand in order to include you.


  • Go to Bay Laurel website and decide what you want.  Tips:
    • We strongly suggest that you select from the "Low Chill" varieties list because many fruit and nut trees need a certain amount of cold in order to properly develop fruit.
    • Read the information about rootstocks.  Many trees are available on dwarfing rootstocks which means your tree won't grow too big for your tight city backyard (or you'll have room for more different types of trees!).
  • On a separate piece of paper, list your detailed order (include variety and rootstock), plus your name/phone/email.  We made a group order form for you to use to help calculate the discounts.
  • Tree discount:  you'll get a 15% discount off the cost of each fruit tree.  (no tree discount on grapes, berries, roses, etc)
  • Shipping discount: you'll get a 15% discount off the shipping charges.
  • Make out check to Joanne Poyourow for the amount of your order (including shipping and less discounts).  We are not set up to take credit cards.
  • Bring or mail check and order form to:  Environmental Change-Makers, 6700 W. 83rd, LA 90045
  • To participate in the group order, we must receive your order and your check by October 16.
  • Orders are placed in the autumn.  Then you have several months to plan and dig your holes.  Your trees will be shipped in January when they are dormant.  We will email you when they arrive. 
  • Plan to pick up your order at Holy Nativity (6700 W. 83rd, Westchester) in early January, depending on when Bay Laurel sends them to us.  (hint: it is likely to be Jan 6 or 13)  We cannot hold your order for you beyond the pickup date because these are delicate bare root trees and will need your Tender Loving Care immediately.  We can't care for everyone's trees.

Fruit tree resources:

Rainwater Harvesting Barrels - Group Ordering 2009    


To encourage people to use the resource of our annual winter water bounty, this autumn the Environmental Change-Makers will be placing a group order for rain barrels with Hey Tanks LA . Hey Tanks is the same company that installed the two 620 gallon tanks at the Community Garden.

We will be ordering 55 gallon rain barrels.  There are two models:

  • Flower Pot Top Barrel.  If you are ordering only one barrel, you need this kind.  If you are ordering barrels for multiple downspouts on your property, you will need one Flower Pot type at each downspout. $65
  • Daisy Chain Barrel.  This is the "linking" barrel.  If you are putting multiple barrels per downspout, you can use one Flower Pot type and the rest Daisy Chain type. $45
  • If you want the larger tanks, please contact Hey Tanks directly on your own.
  • Shipping though our group order is free.
  • Hey Tanks will deliver our rain barrels to the lawn of Holy Nativity (6700 W. 83rd, Westchester) at a date in September (to be determined). 
  • Getting them home and getting them hooked up is up to you (Julian or John from our group can advise you about how to do hookup).

To participate in our group order:

  • decide how many barrels you want of each type.
  • on a separate piece of paper write your name/address/email and the type/number of barrels you want.  Example:  2 flower pot type, 2 daisy chain type
  • Write a check for the amount of your barrels (zero shipping, zero tax) payable to Hey Tanks LA.
  • Bring or mail check and order form to:  Environmental Change-Makers, 6700 W. 83rd, LA 90045
  • To participate in the group order, we must receive your order and your check by Sept 30.
Environmental Impact Reports    

The Environmental Change-Makers have been an active voice in responding to local Environmental Impact Reports.  When these projects solicit public comments, we ask questions, underline problems, and highlight discrepancies regarding the issues of climate change, peak oil, and biocapacity.

When Joanna Macy describes the three types of action required as we experience The Great Turning, she lists "stopping action to prevent further destruction," as well as "a shift in consciousness."  Responding to EIRs with pertinent peak oil and
climate-change points is a form of stopping action.  As we raise these points again and again in front of our city's decision-makers, we can help cultivate a shift in consciousness.


The Environmental Change-Makers have submitted comments on the following local EIRs:

  • Loyola Marymount University multi-year Master Plan for buildout, demolition, and reconstruction of many campus buildings
  • Los Angeles International Airport "Yellow Light Projects," including: developing a Ground Transportation Center, constructing the Automated People Mover 2, demolishing CTA Terminals 1,2,3, Reconfiguring the north runway and center taxiways, and making on-site road improvements associated with the above list.

Resources for peak oil and climate change comments to EIRs: