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The Environmental Change-Makers are very active in promoting food and gardening.  In part, because food really is the way to people's hearts.  But for more sobering and serious reasons as well.

Being a solutions-oriented group, we're rolling up our sleeves and getting down to work.  While building the Community Garden at Holy Nativity and all its season-by-season expansions, we gained a lot of attention.  Many other organizations have sought us out for education, for inspiration, and for assistance in how to get started growing similar gardens in their neighborhoods.  Here are a few of our ongoing projects.
The Community Garden at Holy Nativity

Community Garden
at Holy Nativity


Harvest Westchester
local fruit
harvesting program
(will repeat
in Fall 2011)

new garden
outreach program
(coming soon)

Community Garden books for Children

  • The Garden of Happiness, by Erika Tamar.
    A heart-warming and colorful tribute to the pride and hope found in multi-cultural neighborhoods all over New York City.
  • The Garden in the City, by Gerda Muller
    The children share the many seasonal delights a garden offers, as well as the hard work and occasional disappointments experienced by any gardener.
  • City Green, by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
    There is a garbage-filled, vacant lot on the street where Marcy lives. Instead of growing flowers in coffee cans like they usually do each spring, she and her friend Miss Rosa decide to plant a garden there.
  • Two Little Gardeners, by Margaret Wise Brown
  • Compost Critters, by Bianca Lavies
    A reminder (for all ages) of how ALIVE organic garden soil really is.

Community Garden books for Teens

  • Grow: A Novel in Verse, by Juanita Havill.
    When Berneetha decides to create a community garden on a vacant lot, twelve-year-old Kate Sibley’s just got to help make that dream a reality.

  • Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman.
    a story of a blighted neighborhood transformed when a young girl plants a few lima beans in an abandoned lot.

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