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The new book by Joanne Poyourow and the Reverend Peter H. Rood, Jr., co-founders of the Environmental Change-Makers


Environmental Change-Making
Environmental Change-Makers is a Los Angeles community group that focuses on What We Can Do about our environmental issues. The group unites local neighbors, area environmentalists, and members of local faith communities for a new sense of what constitutes a community.

In an age of global warming and the end of cheap oil (peak oil), the Environmental Change-Makers work to build community resilience—our ability to adapt to the sweeping changes coming our way. With activities like local food potlucks, bicycle rides, solar cooker craft events, and creating an organic community garden, the Environmental Change-Makers teach earth-wiser lifestyle patterns.

Environmental Change-Making tells the story of this remarkable group: what they do, why they do it, and how they do it, so that your community can do it too. The book lays out the principles upon which the group was founded, such as sustainability, local focus, inclusiveness, and offering a peer group to environmentally-minded people. The book offers an integrated explanation of major environmental issues including global warming and peak oil. With tips on group management and running a fun and dynamic meeting, as well as a selection of handouts on environmental solutions used by the Change-Makers, Environmental Change-Making is a "how to" kit for your local community.

Our one single planet is the life support system for all humanity, all life forms on earth, and all future generations. Environmental Change-Making shows how reconnecting with our earth environment is a necessary part of spiritual practice, and how our responsibility to our fellow man demands that we respect and restore our life support system—our planet earth. We are called to join the campaign to shift humanity to a life-supporting civilization.


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Environmental Change-Making: How to Cultivate Lasting Change in Your Local Community, by Joanne Poyourow with the Reverend Peter H. Rood, Jr.

Cathedral Center Press, December 2008.
ISBN 0-9716255-8-1

Available online through our publisher, Cathedral Center Press. 
Also available at meetings of the Environmental Change-Makers.

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"These folks understand better than almost anyone the odd and powerful connection between the local, the global, and the national -- between the personal and the political. And they understand that it all needs to be full of fun and charged with meaning. They are activists and activators!"


"In a pragmatic yet poetic way, Environmental Change-Making invites readers to look without fear at the shape of a more sustainable, satisfying way of life. If you are aware that your lifestyle doesn't feel right but you can't figure out exactly why, read this book, and grab a copy for your neighbor, too."