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Land & Nature Stewardship






The Permaculture Flower   of David Holmgren








  • Explaining The Problems
  • What Government can do


Tools & Technology

Finance & Economics

  • Ethical Investing
  • Local economies
  • LETS, time banks,
    and local currencies

Culture & Education:


Health & Spiritual Well-Being:


"The Big Picture" - understanding the context within which we are working and living

Arts & music

Body/mind/spirit disciplines

  • coming soon

Buildings, materials, maintenance

  • ECM handout Beat the Heat with Passive Cooling
  • ECM handout Earth-Wiser Remodeling
  • Greener House Cleaning article and resources
  • Solar Cooking: "Build Your Own Solar Cooker" - 3 page ECM how-to guide


Culture Change

  • jump to Understanding the problems
  • Environmental Change-Making -- our book.  How to create a group like Environmental Change-Makers in your neighborhood.
  • ECM handout ReLocalizing Your Urban Lifestyle
  • ECM handout What We Can Do: the 5Rs
  • ECM handout What is Power Down, and Do We Have To Do It Now?
  • see also The Big Picture section of this page



  • ECM handout Raising Children to a Climate Change Future
  • our Children's Environmnetal booklist.(pdf)
  • "10 Things You Can Do About Global Warming (Yes, even if you're not yet an adult)" a booklet for children, reading level grades 4-8
  • Home education in Los Angeles: HomeschoolLA.us
  • Better Than College, by Blake Boles

Energy: Renewable Energy

Faith communities

  • Faith communities resources have moved here

Family & Parenting

  • "Kids & Transition" series - Joanne's blog entries contemplate how to juggle parenting our children with the work we know we must do
    to facilitate a livable world for them when they are grown?
  • Home education in Los Angeles: HomeschoolLA.us
  • Living Simply with Children, by Marie Sherlock
  • Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front, by Sharon Astyk
  • more resources for kids are listed above at "Education"
Food: Local Food  

Gardens: Functional Gardens

  • ECM's Food and Gardens page: the community gardens we're working on, our ongoing Organic Vegetable Gardening class series, and resources from that series
  • AbundantHarvests.com -- Joanne's edible landscaping resources for Los Angeles
  • many of the handouts you see at the Environmental Change-Makers meetings are online here



Groups: Resources for groups

Health care, holistic medicine, well-being

  • "Healing Without Harm ," by Joel Kreisberg, DC
  • "Eight ways that modern medicine is oil dependent," by Paul Roth
  • The Healing Arts: Exploring the Medical Ways of the World, by Ted Kaptchuk and Michael Croucher (Summit Books 1987). 
    A mind-expanding discussion that crosses many modalities, from accupuncture and Ayurvedic to Native American healers to scientific (Western) medicine.  It is available in the El Segundo Public Library.

Passive solar

Reduce / Reuse / Repair


Sustainability & Resilience

Technology:  Appropriate Technology

Transition Towns


Water wisdom

  • Sierra Club bottled water campaign
  • Water Saving Tips, by the City of Santa Cruz et al
  • Water Wisdom - ECM's 41 page booklet.  Includes water conservation, how to water your garden, drought-tolerant edible plants, rainwater harvesting, greywater, greywater soaps
  • "Los Angeles receives enough rainfall in a normal year to supply at least half its needs." -- quote on the blog of TreePeople founder Andy Lipkis


  • Backyard Wildlife Habitats resource page
  • more coming soon

Understanding The Problems

   Global Warming

   Peak Oil

   Peak Everything

   Economic Contraction

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