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Westchester (Los Angeles)  

The Environmental Change-Makers

A grassroots community for a sustainable existence.




  • encourage action
  • help you stay on track
  • nurture the courage to be different from the Mainstream
  • a peer group of people who are greening their lives together


  • today, the Westchester area of Los Angeles; tomorrow your neighborhood and backyard

       "ReLocalization is not an if but a when" -- Aaron Nuline

Both grassroots and top-down

  • concerned with both “where are we getting our groceries?” and “what are we encouraging our political representatives to do on our behalf?”


Come join us!

The Environmental Change-Makers community group began meeting in the Westchester area of Los Angeles in January 2006. The group is a colaboration between the Reverend Peter Rood of Holy Nativity Church and Joanne Poyourow, author of Legacy: A Story of Hope for a Time of Environmental Crisis.

Poyourow's novel describes a ficticious support group where members encourage each other in positive environmental action. Rood had long wished to encourage environmental action in his parish. Thus Environmental Change-Makers came into being.

Rood's parish provided a site, while Poyourow provided program direction. Early core membership came from the local Westchester neighborhood - church parishioners and Westchester neighbors combined.

The Environmental Change-Makers continue to hold monthly meetings on a wide variety of topics (calendar ... past meetings).  These meetings explore urban Permaculture and post-petroleum concepts, and draw environmentally-minded people from the greater Los Angeles area.

The Environmental Change-Makers also participate in other activities.  They sponsored an action as part of the national Step It Up campaign for climate action.  They have appeared at many Los Angeles "green" events including Culver City's "Going Green" Sustainable Community Plan events, EcoFabulous at Santa Monica College, Loyola Marymount University's environmental events and the California Resource Recovery Association's annual conference. 

The Environmental Change-Makers have been local support for the Union of Concerned Scientists' efforts toward global warming legislation.  The Environmental Change-Makers collaborated with Holy Nativity Parish, creating an Earth Care Fair as an enrichment of the annual Blessing of the Animals event which Holy Nativity had offered to the community for many years.  Together with Urban Farming, they created a Community Garden to develop food-growing awareness and skills, and simultaneously feed the needy of the community.  And the Environmental Change-Makers are actively cultivating the Transition Towns movement in Los Angeles.

Read the story of the Environmental Change-Makers in the introduction to our book.  And read more about the accomplishments of our group.

The Environmental Change-Makers focus on lower-carbon, power-down solutions.

We are working to grow the reslience of our Los Angeles community -- our ability to flex and adapt to the sweeping changes ahead.                                     Read more here.