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Learn about LETSystems --
A great homemade YouTube video (4:14) about a LETS community
Ballona LETS is about nurturing a little more of
what you love to do
in exchange for what you don't know how to do, don't want to do, or don't have time to do. 
And it's created through the power of sharing the community wealth of talents.
The Environmental Change-Makers are setting up a LETSystem for the Westchester, del Rey, and Inglewood areas of Los Angeles.
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Last updated Feb 2010


Imagine ... a local economic system based on mutual respect and reciprocity

We can work together as a community.  We can help each other and get to know each other in the process.  We can reclaim some of that old-fashioned neighborhood and community feeling right here in the big city.

Ballona bullion will be very helpful as a means of creating and sustaining our community self-reliance.  Part of the process is learning which goods and services our communty provides for itself and which it imports from elsewhere.  This can help local businesses identify areas for potential development.

Ballona bullion is designed to help us take charge of our community's economy.  Ballona bullion cannot enrich people who then whisk the profits away.  Ballona bullion must be re-spent back into our community.  It does not earn bank interest so it is designed to discourage hoarding and encourage active trading.

Ballona bullion can also help our senior citizens get things they might otherwise be hesitant to ask for, such as companionship or computer help.  You can also help our local charities and faith communities -- even when cash is tight -- by donating your bullion to them; they can use it to help meet their needs.


Ballona = By-oh-nah, just like the creek, our local watershed.


Think of it like a
"favor exchange network."